“The Hills”: Go team Lauren! “Big Brother”: Worst. Season. Ever.

Robert Taylor


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This is the worst season of “Big Brother” ever. And I say this after watching Mike Boogie win last year’s atrocious “All Stars.”

The main problem with the series is the contestants are smart enough to understand that, to win the game, they need to get rid of the nice, honest contestants and keep the scumbags for as long as possible. The inevitable final two are never people the viewers want to root for and are often the most hated players, and this has happened since season three.

And this year, with Evil Dick and Danielle still in the game despite racist, sexist and bigoted remarks against everyone in the house, appears to be no exception. I object to the fact that producers are editing the show to reflect Dick as some sort of hero when he should have been ejected from the game in the second week when he began threatening Jen.

Then there is Jameka. Someone I want to root for. But the producers are editing everything she says and does to make her seem like a religious fanatic loon who has no real thought or purpose. Yes, she prays, but that doesn’t mean you need to play weird church music every time she is onscreen. I find it refreshing that she shows her faith so freely on television.

But that doesn’t seem to matter, because viewers are buying into whatever the show is feeding them, however biased, and voting, through Eric, to keep Evil Dick in above people like Dustin and Kail and Amber.


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Are you on team Lauren or team Speidi (my new name for the romantic pairing that is Heidi and Spencer)?

Personally, I’m on team Lauren, and not only because I think Spencer looks a lot like a gremlin. Over the second season, and especially in the first few episodes of the third season, Lauren has shown real development in her character and maturity. It could just be how the editors are choosing to cut the “reality” of any given situation, but I’m buying the way it’s being sold.

I’m also loving Audrina and her white teeth more than ever. She’s shown more personality in the past three episodes than she did in the first two seasons, as has Whitney. I hope that my favorite of the foursome gets more of a spotlight now that she isn’t doing her college thing and can devote herself to her duties at Teen Vogue, like telling Lauren to steam things.

And then there is Heidi. Her shock appeared honest when Lauren called her out at the nightclub, and I don’t think she had anything to do with the rumors, but I still don’t put it past Spencer. And why hasn’t Heidi noticed that Spencer’s face was microwaved when he was a baby? Ah well.

Go team Lauren!

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