Women should not be police officers

Ryan Szymczak

Women shouldn’t be cops.

Woah, get your hand away from that Taser, lady — I saw the YouTube video and I know what you’re thinking. Let’s try being rational this time.

On Monday, six doughy police officers — four men and two lovely ladies — couldn’t find the strength to overpower one malnourished University of Florida undergrad.

After standing in line for hours to ask John Kerry a few questions, a frustrated Andrew Meyer ran to the mic and began convulsing from the mouth.

He wouldn’t stop, not even when a petite lady police officer in a baseball cap politely tapped him on the shoulder. Didn’t he know she meant business?

Eventually, a couple of former high school football stars, past their prime and now playing police officers, parade their authority in to the picture.

They grapple the boy like coach taught ’em, and force him down the aisle way.

High on adrenaline and feeling innocent of any wrong doing, Meyer continuously attempts to repossess his arms.

The cops didn’t like that.

So they wrestle the annoying loud mouth to the ground.

“What did I do?” he cries out.

Then, they Taser him.

Onlooker Ben Omar said the “stench wasn’t overpowering, but it was unsettling,” according to an article by CNNU’s campus correspondent, Eunic Ortiz.

So we’re frying people passionate about politics now?

Maybe if two of the six cops on duty were more physically inclined, and a little less ladylike, the mod squad wouldn’t have had to compensate for their bodily shortcomings with electro shock therapy.

By nature and evolution, women are not as capable as men are when it comes to physically overpowering and taking someone down. Most women are just not physically stronger than men.

Why do I get the feeling a comment like this would enrage a feminist?

It’s not sexist. It’s common sense.

The crusade for gender equality across the board is important, however, you can’t disregard the roles that nature and evolution have played in specializing the sexes.

Men are better designed, by nature, for the execution of law enforcement that doesn’t involve the use of electricity.

In any case, fired up female freedom fighters and other livid advocates of advancing women in the workplace, by any means necessary, including cruel and unusual, are encouraged to send in their strongly worded disagreements. Please keep them under 250 words, though.

In your efforts to shut me up and put me in my place, can I ask to factor out the use of the cattle prod right now?



Taser use needs to be cut down, and that can happen if we beef up law enforcement.

Yes, factoring out the physically weaker sex sounds bad, but a kid squealing uncontrollably in an electrically induced spasm sounds even worse.

Smells worse, too.

Ryan Szymczak is a senior English major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].