Ten bucks a pop

How would you like to see “Sherlock Holmes: the Final Adventure” performed for only $10? Or “Pride and Prejudice” for just ten singles? What about an adventure tale adapted from Don Quixote, “Man of La Mancha,” for – you guessed it – $10?

The Cleveland Play House audience development team’s new goal is to bring in a younger audience, and to do so they decided to hit us where it counts – in our wallets.

Tara Templeman, audience development manager for The Cleveland Play House, said students can purchase tickets in advance over the phone or prior to the show, and all they have to do is verify their age at the ticket office with a picture ID.

Another bonus: This discount doesn’t restrict you to a crappy, sticky-floored seating area in the nosebleed section. In fact, the only real restrictions are the Play House’s children series, their masters and fine arts program run through Case Western Reserve University and “A Christmas Story,” because it’s not a part of their regular subscription.

Other than that, any performance is fair game.

– Jenna Gerling