Letters to the editor

Many resources available for survivors of assaults

Dear editor:

I wanted to say bravo for the KSUPD for getting the word out about the reported sexual assault. It doesn’t happen often on this campus that someone is physically nabbed and forced like that, since it is a very secure campus, but just as no person is a saint, no system is perfect, and any group of people determined to do harm to another will probably be able to do it a couple of times. There are several thousand men and women, young and old — myself included — who will not stand for this kind of malicious and flagrant personal and legal violations.

It is hard to come forward about having been attacked, assaulted or abused: not victims, SURVIVORS! Remember, Miss Anonymous, that you are a stronger and better human being than those that hurt you, and you can overcome the pain with time and community.

Incidentally, a free international Web site for survivors of rape and sexual assault exists at afterthesilence.org where survivors and friends/family of survivors can read stories of others triumphantly living on in their day-to-day lives without fear, as well as telling one’s own story and talking about other, fun, and less heavy topics. There are date-rape-prevention programs such as the campus group NOMORE which operates out of Health Services (third floor, DeWeese), and the women’s clinic can perform rape kits, and the Psychological Clinic in Kent Hall, Counseling and Human Development Center in White Hall, and Psychological Services in DeWeese Health Center all can help if a survivor of assault or abuse needs to talk to someone privately and confidentially who might know exactly what to say.

So, survivors: You aren’t alone, and there are people to help as much as they can. I encourage the survivor of this recent assault to step forward to the police and let it be known where exactly she was attacked and describe the men who attacked her. This attack deserves swift action and harsh consequences. I hope our anonymous survivor lives strong and fulfillingly. Remember that the lotus blooms fullest when emerging from the darkest, dirtiest waters. Be a lotus.

Karl Hopkins-Lutz

Senior German major

Campus representatives should be held accountable

Dear editor:

On Wednesday, the Daily Kent Stater reported on the legal trouble of a couple of players on the women’s basketball team. From what I understood from the article, two players were suspended for allegedly committing a felony. Suspended! That’s it! They represent Kent State women’s basketball team and Kent State Athletics. Jamilah Humes and ChyTearra Kintchen disgraced Kent State Athletics and their team. It’s an honor and a privilege to represent the women’s basketball team. Those two are still receiving athletic scholarships, sports medicine and academic support. Why is my tuition money going to two people who are charged with committing a felony while representing Kent State Athletics? The two of them should have been immediately kicked off the team and stripped of all athletic privileges. Will Kent State University allow the actions of only two people contaminate the reputation of the entire Kent State Athletic Department? Kent State University should deny felons and students charged with felonies the privilege of representing Kent State Athletics.

Jason Broadwater

Senior business management major