Brothers’ search for baby breaks with lousy delivery

Megan Rozsa

John and Dean Solomon are seriously challenged when it comes to the dating world. So what’s more awkward than finding someone to have a baby within a limited amount of time?

As their father lies on his deathbed in a sudden coma, the doctor tells John (Will Arnett, Blades of Glory) and Dean (Will Forte, Beerfest) that his dying wish would be to have a grandson. Sounds easy enough, right?


In The Brothers Solomon, written by Forte and directed by Bob Odenkirk, they go at this baby business all wrong.

Considering the movie starts with the brothers posting their profiles on an online dating network, you know they are going to have a heck of a time getting a baby.

They are portrayed as the clich‚ good guys who need a little work. The way they talk to women lacks etiquette in the worst way. Arnett asks a girl if she’s ovulating on the first date. Needless to say, he’s shot down. Forte tells his date that she has “more cushion for the pushin,'” then asks her if she wants to have a baby, no strings attached. She actually agrees.

Finally, right?

Wrong. She gets hit by a bus. You knew it couldn’t be that easy.

With every downfall, the brothers never give up hope in each other. Whenever they’re low, they put their hands in, do a happy cheer on the count of three and keep going.

Finally, the guys use to advertise their need for a baby, and they find a taker. Enter Janine, played by Kristen Wiig.

Through artificial insemination, the guys achieve their goal. We watch the three characters complete each trimester and the brothers “prepare” for fatherhood. They baby-proof their apartment by making the whole surface of the floor like one big air matress or those giant inflatables.

In the third trimester, Janine decides that she wants to keep the baby for herself, and she hides from the brothers.

You know where the movie goes from here right? Predictable, I know.

I’ll admit that some of the jokes are funny, but the majority seem too forced. At the end of the movie, I felt almost relieved because my brain was on comedy overload.

OK, hands in everyone. On the count of three, “I thought this would be a better movie.”

One, Two, Three..

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