Stater staff picks its favorite campus spots

Summer Kent Stater staff

It might seem like a confusing mess for the first week or so, but eventually, everyone finds a place on campus to call their own. Here, Stater staffers reveal their favorites, but don’t take our word for it. Find your own!

We Love:

“. the path behind Taylor Hall that goes along the tennis courts and past Oscar Ritchie Hall. It’s lined with lilac bushes that smell so good when they bloom that I want to stay there instead of going to class. There’s also a tree in the field back there that is nice to study under when the weather isn’t trying to make our lives miserable.”

– Theresa Bruskin, junior (Copy Desk Chief)

“. the silence of the University Library’s seventh floor. With a little coffee to keep me awake, it’s an ideal place to practice the impossible: cramming multiple chapters of incomprehensible information the day before an exam.”

– Steven Bushong, senior (News editor)

“. the Daily Kent Stater newsroom. Whether it’s the current one in Taylor Hall or our soon-to-be newsroom over in Franklin Hall, I really can’t get enough of it. It’s not that I’m addicted to work or journalism in general, but being around people with similar interests and career goals as yourself is something worth finding.”

– Tim Magaw, junior (Editor)

“. the field by Taylor Hall. I study there because it’s so much easier for me to study outside, and when it’s nice out, it’s a great place to just sit and talk with friends or bring food and have a picnic.”

– Christina Stavale, sophomore (Reporter)

“. the esplanade area, where the old Kent State archway stands outside the Business Administration Building and Satterfield Hall. I love seeing everyone walk by on their way to class – all kinds of different people leading all kind of lives and going all kinds of place. I feel like a part of something much bigger.”

– Kate Bigam, senior (Forum editor)

“. the spot behind the Art Building underneath the trees. I often go there during warm days to read, catch up on homework or just take a catnap. I get so sick of sitting in overly air-conditioned and lighted buildings.”

– Sara Bennett (Reporter)

“. the victory bell outside of Taylor Hall, which is a beautiful place in all types of weather. Whether it’s sunbathing in August, sledding in February, or commemorating May 4, it’s a great location to get away.”

– Doug Hite, junior (Columnist)

“. the second floor of the student center next to the windows overlooking Risman Plaza. The comfortable chairs, nearby food options and excellent people watching location make it the perfect perch for sitting or studying.”

– Jackie Valley, sophomore (Reporter)

“. the Art Building, which is the most interesting and unique building on campus in my opinion. And it’s got a sculpture of rotting newspaper out front!”

– Chris Sharron, sophomore (Illustrator)