Students enjoy study spaces on and off campus

Brindi Bays

From the library to the river, open books are everywhere

Ashley Daily, senior political science and sociology major, studies flashcards at Starbucks on the corner of Main and South Lincoln streets. DAVID RANUCCI | SUMMER KENT STATER

Credit: DKS Editors

College life can be great with parties, sporting events and finally being on your own – it’s fabulous until it comes time to buckle down and study for that first test.

Some students like the relaxation of their own residence hall room, but most actually prefer a place where they are less likely to distract themselves with Facebook and channel surfing.

Kent State offers students a variety of options, including personal, quiet areas and popular places with coffee and snacks.

Lyndsay Petruny, senior broadcast news major, said she prefers to study on the second floor of the University Library, away from the computers and elevators.

“It’s pretty quiet once you get away from all the activity,” Petruny said.

Senior geology major Jessica Barnes said she heads over to the Eastway Hall lounge.

“I like the lounge because I can get coffee and snacks using my dining plan or cash,” Barnes said.

Some students prefer to study outside on a lawn or at a picnic table.

“I like to study on the grass under a pretty tree, when it’s nice out, of course,” senior Spanish major Colleen Malone said.

Studying at the same places can lose its effect, so some students find places off campus to satisfy their studying needs.

“For studying off campus, I was a big fan of coffee shops,” said Becky Williams, a recent Kent State graduate.

Williams is not alone when it comes to coffee shops and studying.

Starbucks manager John Richardson said students come to Starbucks because of its homey environment. Starbucks is on the corner of Lincoln and Main streets.

“Students take off their shoes and are able to relax and unwind,” he said.

The only problem with the overflow of students is the parking. Richardson said Starbucks has recognized the problem and is looking to expand parking, but plans are not yet developed.

Emily Clark, senior English major and supervisor at Susan’s Coffee and Tea, said students choose Susan’s for the coffee and snacks.

Susan’s, located across the street from front campus, is one of the few places in Kent that offers wireless Internet access to its customers.

“We offer a good environment that is clean and friendly,” Clark said.

However, Evan Knappenberger, junior biology major, said Wild Goats Caf‚, located at 1708 E. Main St., is the place to go for coffee.

Sandy Carey, manager of Wild Goat’s Caf‚, agrees with Knappenberg, but not completely.

“Our coffee is good,” Carey said, “but it’s got to be our food that brings in the students.”

Students can also study at the Kent Free Library, located at 312 W. Main St., from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Kent State and the community offer a little something for everyone.

“I prefer to study down by the river,” Knappenberger said. “It’s what I like.”

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