Fallen concrete leads to library construction

A fallen piece of concrete from the University Library’s overhang prompted the maintenance work that now flanks the outside of the building.

Structures Superintendent Martin Cofojohn said the concrete block fell about a week ago, but no one was injured in the incident.

Cofojohn said structural engineers determined the block fell as a result of rust forming from moisture on a metal strip that supports the overhang. He said Campus Environment and Operations is still deciding how to best fix the overhang structure – possibly installing a vent system in the overhang.

He said all the walkways surrounding the entrance of the library are safe because of the scaffolding hung and the barricades blocking the potentially dangerous areas where work is being done.

“It’s all being handled and hopefully not too big of an inconvenience,” he said, adding there is not a time-frame to finish the maintenance work.

– Jackie Valley