College: a place for living, learning, partying and making memories

Summer Kent Stater staff

You’ll hear it over and over – “College is the best four years of your life.” Find out which experiences Stater staffers value most, and then get started on some memory-making of your own.

• “My favorite college memories are of moving into the dorms and going to parties on Thursday nights. Both of these experiences were new and exciting and they seemed to bring endless possibilities.”

– Kristina Deckert, sophomore (Design editor)

• “My favorite college memory has to be seeing my byline for the first time. I came here to learn to be a journalist, so seeing my name in print meant I was getting closer to my goal. I have dreamed of being a writer since I was a child, so it literally was a dream come true.”

– Theresa Bruskin, junior (Copy Desk Chief)

• “I love the little things about college. I love getting a good grade on a research paper, grabbing Chipotle with friends between classes, going out for happy hour drinks after difficult exams, staying up until 4 a.m. watching movies and talking about life with my roommates.”

– Kate Bigam, senior (Forum editor)

• “Getting involved with student organizations that actually accomplish goals is incredibly rewarding. So many groups are just social clubs, but it’s a great feeling to see some of your dreams become a reality via student groups.”

– Doug Hite, junior (Columnist)

• “My favorite college memory is working for the Daily Kent Stater, not only because the job has taught me valuable skills that I will use throughout my career, but also because I’ve cultivated friendships that I know will last a lifetime.”

– Kristen Russo, senior (Managing editor)

• “Nothing has beaten finishing my first semester exams on Monday night of exam week – and staying until Friday. It’s a rare treat when you can enjoy all the perks of college without having to actually do any work.”

– Jackie Valley, sophomore (Columnist)

• “There are virtually hundreds, but my favorite memory is probably the beginning – discovering the campus, meeting new people from all over the world.”

– David Soler, PhD candidate (Columnist)

• “My favorite memory is circuiting the frat houses – once was enough for me. I don’t drink beer, and I’m not an 18-year-old girl with DDs … My life would have been so much more convenient if either of those things would have been true.”

– Adam Griffiths, sophomore (Columnist)