DeWeese Health Center offers services to all students

Katelyn Luysterborg


Credit: DKS Editors

If a student is looking to mend a broken bone, get rid of that sore throat or pick up a few condoms, University Health Services has the answer.

“We exist!” said Raymond Leone, chief university physician for University Health Services, which is located in the DeWeese Health Center near the Ice Arena.

Leone said he wants students to know that University Health Services is here and doesn’t just offer full medical and emergency health care from physicians, nurse practitioners and registered nurses. It also offers immunization and allergy shots, laboratory work, radiology, physical therapy and a 24-hour nurse line for students with medical questions or concerns.

If a student is stressed, feeling blue or just needs to talk to someone, University Health Services also offers Psychological Services. It employs four psychologists who are available for individual, group and couples counseling, crisis intervention, workshops, psychological testing and consultation.

University Health Services, however, is not a get-out-of-jail-free card for missing classes, exams or homework assignments.

The official policy of University Health Services states, “It is our policy to provide a medical excuse only for those students who, in our medical opinion, need to stay at home and rest. Students who are very ill or highly contagious may be given a written note explaining when and how long we recommend they should be excused from classes.”

“We want students to work it out with their professors,” Leone said.

University Health Services isn’t limited to the health center.

For example, the Office of Health Promotions provides special events and programs in order to enhance student health in residence halls or other facilities on campus. Free anonymous HIV testing, alcohol awareness and a new smoking cessation program are a few of the programs it offers.

The Women’s Clinic offers the same services any other gynecologist office would, such as general well-women care, pap tests, breast exams, vaccines such as Gardasil and pregnancy and STD tests. The clinic also supplies many different types of contraception, including oral contraceptives, condoms and Plan B.

University Health Services also houses a full-service pharmacy. The pharmacy will fill any prescription as long as it is written, faxed or transferred from another pharmacy. Leone recommends taking advantage of the pharmacy because it usually has discounted prices.

Insurance is one of the biggest concerns with any health facility. University Health Services accepts various medical insurance providers.

If a student doesn’t have insurance, there is a special fee for uninsured students. University Health Services also offers student insurance through The Chickering Group – endorsed by Aetna Life Insurance Company. The insurance costs $1,443 per year and is also available per semester and during the summer.

University Health Services complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which states that doctors are not allowed to divulge any medical information without the patient’s permission. Therefore, parents are not allowed to access a student’s medical records without his or her permission.

“The law is clear – crystal clear,” Leone said.

Students can make appointments by calling or going online to the University Health Services’ Web site. If a student makes an appointment online, he or she will receive an auto-reminder via e-mail. There is also a same-day clinic for emergencies.

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• Medical Appointments – (330) 672-2322

• Women’s Clinic Appointments – (330) 672-8264

• Immunizations – (330) 672-8263

• Pharmacy – (330) 672-8254

• Physical Therapy Appointments – (330) 672-2089

• Psychological Services – (330) 672-2487

• Office of Health Promotion – (330) 672-2320

• Insurance and Billing Office – (330) 672-8251

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