Students dive into on-campus living while moving in

Emily Andrews

A pipe breaking in one of the residence halls welcomed one student back as students began moving back to campus last week.

Jen Maupin, junior philosophy major, moved into McDowell Hall Monday because she was involved in Movers and Groovers, which helps freshmen move into their residence halls. After helping Wednesday, she went back to her suite-style room and found that a burst waterpipe had leaked water into her roommate’s room.

“I called emergency maintenance, and it took them two days to fix it,” Maupin said. “Her mattress was soaked. I’m glad she doesn’t move in until tomorrow. I’ve never seen so much water.”

Not everyone had problems though.

Freshman theater major Kaitlyn Warren, said she found her move-in practically problem free.

“Everyone’s been really friendly and helpful,” Warren said. “I’m looking forward to starting my classes. The room was smaller than I expected and I was worried because I hadn’t met my roommate beforehand, but she is really nice. Kent is bigger than I thought it was, but other than that, everything is going really well.”


Freshman nursing major Matt Reichenbach said he has met all of the other students on his floor, and they all hang out. But he still had some complaints.

“The worst part is the loss of privacy,” Reichenbach said. “My roommate plays a lot of Guitar Hero.”

A burst pipe didn’t stop Maupin from giving some advice for freshmen in the residence halls.

“Make friends with people in your hall because at three in the morning, when you’re hungry, you’ll want people to go to Rosie’s with you,” Maupin said.

Freshmen started to move in Tuesday and upperclassmen started moving in Saturday.

“Seeing the freshman walk past with their guidebooks brings back memories of when I was a freshman,” said Hanifah Abdul-Majid, senior hospitality management major.

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