Makeup tips for fall’s darker, more seductive looks

Lyndsay Elliott

Focusing on her reflection as she holds a brush in one hand and a color palette in the other, her face becomes a blank canvas. She creates a dramatic, yet glamorous look as she applies her new makeup for fall.

The new trend in makeup for the back-to-school season features rich colors that accent the eyes and lips.

“An evening-type makeup with a smoky eye will really make your face pop,” said Angela Soloveiko, Macy’s Clinique makeup consultant at Chapel Hill Mall.

Using darker colors on the eyelid and lips creates a sexy look that will enhance features.

Soloveiko said the new trend is geared toward emphasizing femininity and glamour.

She said shades of brown, black, gold and bronze are in this fall, compared to last year’s purple, plumb and gray trend.

Soloveiko said creating a sultry, smoky eye is done using three shades of eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.

“Defining the eye by using a liquid liner, dragging it out to the corner of the eye along the lash-line and sweeping eye shadow underneath the bottom lashes will create a small ‘cat eye’ look, which is very in right now,” Soloveiko said.

She said “false-looking” eyelashes, which are long and full, will complete the smoky eye.

Lipsticks this season are equally dramatic.

Soloveiko said a berry-color lipstick or a sheer lip color is in for fall and tinted gloss is out.

She said fair-complexioned and blonde women should use sheer berry lip color, while darker complexioned, brunette and red-headed women can pull off a deeper, more saturated berry lip.

Soloveiko said the only light colors should be on the cheeks, such as a soft pink or light berry.

Clinique, Est‚e Lauder and Lancome makeup counters at Macy’s all feature the smoky eye and berry lip.

Julianne Simcox, sophomore fashion merchandising major, said she likes the dramatic look for fall.

“The eyes are key because everyone can accent their eyes differently” she said.

Simcox said the heavier makeup is more for going out at night than for wearing to classes during the day.

“Students usually roll out of bed and don’t have time to apply all that makeup, so instead they should wear lighter, more subtle things, such as just mascara,” she said.

Bridget Lander, junior art education major, said she loves the smoky eye look for fall because “it matches the dramatic colors and scenery of fall leaves.”

But she is unsure about the bold lip color.

“The dark, dramatic lip might make girls look like they should be standing on a street corner somewhere,” Lander said.

Soloveiko said the most important aspect of any makeup trend is healthy skin.

“Clean, clear skin will enhance your face’s canvas so makeup can be applied more smoothly,” Soloveiko said.

She said it is also important for women to wear the styles and colors that make them happy, despite the trends.

“The bottom line is to be comfortable with the shades for your own skin tone in order to enhance the inner and outer beauty,” Soloveiko said.

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