Kent State’s got class

Summer Kent Stater staff

Believe it or not, going to class is not always the worst thing in the world. After all, you’re paying for an education – make the most of it, like these savvy Stater staffers did. You might even enjoy yourself!

• “Environmental Geology with Yoram Eckstein intrigued me. I developed a sense of how fragile and trivial we are compared to this powerful, mammoth world on which we’re living.”

– Steven Bushong, senior (News editor)

• “Introduction to Ethics, although a lot of work, was extremely interesting. I enjoyed reading the philosophical writings of many people, past and present. The class really made me think so much differently than I had in high school.”

– Kristina Deckert, sophomore (Design editor)

• “World Politics with Esook Yoon was by far the most enlightening class I have been in. Yoon’s North Korean background gave her an interesting perspective on the world as we see it today. It was a breath of fresh air to hear a different viewpoint expressed.”

-Sara Bennett, senior (Reporter)

• “The best class I was enrolled in at Kent State was American Politics with professor Charlie Jacobs. The class took me by surprise and lent relevance to Washington, D.C.’s otherwise dry, uninteresting political landscape.”

– Jenna Staul, sophomore (Columnist)

• “May 4 and Its Aftermath, taught by Laura Davis and Carole Barbato, encouraged me to think critically about what happened on that fateful day, and I can’t even put into words what I got out of it.”

– Tim Magaw, junior (Editor)

• “My favorite class was Bioanthropology with professor Richard Meindl. He conducted the class in a very professional way, and it made understandable an arid subject as statistics. His class, even though it was three hours long, it felt like 30 minutes – amazing!”

– David Soler, PhD candidate (Columnist)

• “Seven Ideas That Shook the Universe was by far the most interesting class I have taken, mainly because it was science without the brain-freeze.”

– Chris Sharron, sophomore (Illustrator)