We’re all happy to entertain you

Sometimes things get a little stale. After being left alone for a while, things stagnate, start to mold and, all in all, a change is in order.

All in all? Get it? (We couldn’t help ourselves.)

This is the new all – the weekly arts, life and leisure section of the Daily Kent Stater.

During the summer, we hacked away at the rusty edges of old issues and overhauled the section. This week, we bring the fruits of our efforts: the first issue featuring a dramatic new redesign in both content and execution.

The new look focuses on getting more information to you, in addition to the quality reporting, reviewing and commentary all is known for. To show you we value the five or 10 minutes of your week you spend with us, we’ve introduced shorter, more concise features on each page to get you the information you need, and the dirt you want, faster and easier than ever.

Most importantly, we made it a point to get our act together. all isn’t a weekly review rag. Our single-most important goal this semester is providing you reliable coverage for each of our departments – arts, life and leisure. The arts section will spolight reviews, entertainment commentary and specific interviews with celebrities. The life section will be devoted to making your life easier. The leisure section will be all about places and things that readers can go out and do.

Not everything is changing, though. all’s long-running column, “TV Time With Bob,” is back for one more semester of television commentary and will be celebrating its 100th column just in time for the Fall TV preview issue.

And we have bigger and better things in store. The launch of KentNewsNet.com has set new initiatives in motion to instantly bring better and more comprehensive coverage of Kent and the surrounding areas to you.

It’s an exciting time for us, and we hope you all are excited as we are. Love the changes we’ve made? Want the old all back? We want to hear your reaction. E-mail all editor Bob Taylor at [email protected] with your rants, raves and anything else you think we should hear.

We’re keeping up our end of the bargain. Y’all don’t let us down.

– Editor Bob Taylor, Assistant Editor Adam Griffiths