College isn’t great all the time; Stater staffers share college woes

Summer Kent Stater staff

For all those ups, college has its fair share of downs, too. Stater staffers recall their most painful college experiences yet.

“My worst college experience was.”

“. getting mono spring semester of my freshman year. I went to the Health Center thinking I had strep throat and was told I had the worst case of mono they had seen so far. When the whole ordeal was over, I had missed about a month of classes. Lesson learned: Don’t share drinks at parties.”

– Theresa Bruskin, junior (Copy Desk Chief)

“. not having any classes until 2 p.m. I thought it’d be relaxing, but it turned me into a bum. I didn’t wake up until past noon, and I never got any of my homework done or errands run. Bad decision.”

– Kate Bigam, senior (Forum editor)

“.puking. You always swear that you won’t drink until you puke … but you still end up going a bit too far.”

– Doug Hite, junior (Columnist)

“. dropping out for a semester due to real-life complications and being stuck in a terrible major that wasn’t my thing. All of those terrible cartoons are right: Stay in school.”

– Bob Mackey, graduate student (Columnist)

“. taking my first Intro to Mass Communication test. My high school study routine of reading all the material an hour before the test didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. It’s hard to know what to expect from a test, so now I over-prepare until I get to know the professor’s tests.”

– Christina Stavale, sophomore (Reporter)

“. living in Terrace Hall for two weeks as a freshman. The hall was completely falling apart ,and I had a terrible roommate situation to deal with.”

– Kristen Russo, senior (Managing editor)

“. getting food poisoning at the Hub one day. I threw up three times and had to spend an entire day in bed with a fever. It was even worse than when a bat bit me at 10:00 one night while working on my lab bench – I had to endure four weeks of shots for the rabies vaccine!”

– David Soler, PhD candidate (Columnist)

“. my car freezing shut at 1 a.m. in the pay lot at the Student Center. I was so afraid it would get towed. I called the police, and they helped me. It was so cold!”

– Adam Griffiths, sophomore (Columnist)