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Stephanie Park

2,500 miles and 36 hours.

OK – l’m not one to exaggerate.

According to MapQuest, it was actually only 2,313 miles and 33 hours and 40 minutes.

That is the official haul from my sister’s old life in California to our tiny abode in good ol’ Cleveland. Add in the family – and the small confined space that my sister’s fully-loaded Nissan Sentra had to offer – and it definitely felt longer.

The first of our five days was fun. My sister and I watched our mom’s knuckles turn white as we rode a tram to the highest mountain top in Palm Springs, which was more than 8,000 feet. A high-style Japanese restaurant offered fine cuisine and entertainment, and I saw the newspaper office my sister used to call home.

Day two offered just as much enjoyment, as we toured the beautiful red rock of Sedona, Ariz.

However, nothing was beautiful about days three, four or five.

Constant smoke breaks, bathroom stops, short tempers and bad hotels plagued the rest of the trip. The highlight of our driving was spotting state signs. (Exciting, I know.)

I could have kissed the pavement when the Cleveland skyline came into view.

So why am I recalling this horror?

Because I hope you’ll share your stories, too.

Yes, you.

As features editor for the Stater, I hope to hear your stories of hope, laughter, courage and survival. Our features staff wants to tell your stories through your eyes – whether good or bad. We want to know what interests you.

So call us with your story ideas.

We’ll pick up the phone – promise.

And visit the Stater’s new home on the Web,, where you are more than welcome to leave your comments.

We’ll read them daily.

And it’s our hope that you will do the same.

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