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Sarah McGrath

Students discuss Apple’s latest gadget

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The much-anticipated iPhone made its long-awaited debut Friday in Apple stores across the country.

Despite its rave reviews of revolutionary technology, Kent State students seem a little leery about purchasing the phone.

“I am in school right now,” said Jasmine Stringer, freshman psychology major. “It’s too much money to spend just on a phone.”

The iPhone, which comes in two different models, costs consumers between $500 and $600 depending on whether they buy the 4GB or 8GB model.

But the iPhone is not a regular phone. Its features include Internet access, an iPod and a 3.5″ screen, which allows users to watch videos, TV shows and movies.

Even the popular Web site YouTube has jumped on the iPhone bandwagon. The phone features an Apple-designed application in which users can wirelessly stream YouTube content onto their iPhones.

Rick Salsberry, senior visual communication design major, bought his iPhone Saturday.

Salsberry said he didn’t wait in line, but his friend had to wait 12 hours Friday to get an iPhone.

So far, Salsberry said he’s satisfied with the phone.

“You’d think like, ‘Why would I want to watch a movie on something that small, but after five minutes you’re totally used to it,” Salsberry said.

Others don’t seem too impressed by all of the iPhones gadgets.

“I think that there is so much stuff on the phone, stuff that I probably don’t need, so I don’t know if I would buy it,” said Emily Quail, senior communication studies major. “But it would be pretty cool to own.”

For those who have purchased an iPhone, all Apple stores are featuring free classes showing users how to navigate them. The closest Apple store to campus is the one located in Legacy Village in Lyndhurst, which is approximately 45 minutes away.

iPhones can also be purchased at the Stow AT&T store located at 4320 Kent Road.

Principal reporter Kiera Manion-Fischer contributed to this story.

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The upside:

• The iPhone will work overseas.

• The virtual keyboard is easy to use.

• The iPhone is thinner than the

Samsung BlackJack.

• iPhones have a long battery life.

The downside:

• The iPhone can’t edit or save Word or Excel files.

• Users can’t turn songs on the iPhone’s iPod into ringtones.

• The iPhone is heavier than the