Stark campus first to have full wireless access

Becky Smith

The Stark campus is the first of the university’s family of campuses to have total wireless Internet access around its campus – indoor and outdoor.

Efforts toward making the campus completely wireless began in 2005 with the installation of a wireless system in the campus’ library.

In 2006, it spread to the Professional Education and Conference Center on campus to provide the local businesses and organizations that use the facility easy Internet access for meetings and presentations.

Now all eight campus buildings and outdoor areas have access, allowing faculty, staff members and students to connect to the Internet.

The campus is peppered with small computer labs and computer stations. These places, however, are often occupied with students.

“It’s hard to wait for computers to free up,” said Steve Norris, senior political science major.

JoEllen Klco, Stark campus network system manager, said the total wireless capability will provide many benefits to students.

“It lets them use their own equipment, and lets them roam around campus,” Klco said.

Norris said he enjoys the wireless capability.

“I’ve been using it a lot recently because one of my classes requires Internet access,” he said. “By having the Internet more accessible, it helps students like me doing whatever – catching up on homework or playing games – without tying up other computers.”

Whether people want to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and play Internet solitaire, or finish an assignment while enjoying a cappuccino in the campus Emporium, one thing they don’t have to worry about is a weak Internet signal. Klco said every place people go on campus is Internet accessible – even the maintenance shed.

Williams said the total wireless coverage was part of Stark campus Dean Betsy Bose’s push for a more technologically advanced campus environment.

Klco added that the wireless system the campus uses allows for easy upgrades if the campus were to physically expand.

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