Board of Trustees approves tuition freeze

Christina Stavale

Tuition not to increase for first time in at least 35 years

The Board of Trustees approved a zero percent increase in tuition today in accordance with the proposed state budget.

Sandra Harbrecht, trustees chair, called this a “historical event” that would “keep college affordable for our students and families.”

David Creamer, senior vice president for administration, said this is the first time Kent State’s tuition has not increased for at least three and a half decades. In recent years, he said the increase has been around 5 or 6 percent per year.

The proposed budget only requires a tuition freeze at the undergraduate level. Kent State, however, made the decision to also freeze tuition for graduate students as well.

Creamer said this decision was designed to keep Kent State’s graduate programs competitive and to help all students manage the rising costs of tuition.

The Board also approved the university’s budget for the coming year. Creamer said the freeze on tuition did create some budgetary issues.

“Right now, we’re looking at ways to address these cuts,” Creamer said.

Some changes made to the budget include:

An average course fee of $71 per student.

Changes in the tuition plateau to affect students taking courses at regional campuses and the Kent campus at the same time.

Ohio’s state budget for the next two years includes a 5.6 percent increase in funds for higher education in the first year and 9.8 percent in the second year. Creamer said this increase in funds will help universities manage the tuition freeze.

Gov. Ted Strickland must sign the budget into law by tomorrow.

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