Candidates for Ward 1 council seat begin bid for November election

Trevor Ivan

Both candidates competing for the Ward 1 City Council seat said they’re ready to begin their campaigns for the November election.

The ward did not have a primary as there were only two candidates running and each was from a different party.

Incumbent Garret Ferrara, a Republican, said he’d devote time this summer to walking the neighborhoods in Ward 1, which encompasses most of the northern section of the city. His goal is to hit every street in the ward.

“I want to start walking and knocking on doors so I can touch base with constituents,” he said. “I think personal contact is very important during a campaign for a city council seat. It’s much more effective than yard signs.”

Challenger Lloyd Atkinson, a Democrat, said personal contact with voters would be a major part of his campaign too. However, he emphasized he would be running a low-cost campaign.

“I plan on talking to people whether in person or on the phone,” Atkinson said. “I plan to use whatever means necessary to get my message out. My campaign is built around the city’s need to save money. I’m going to ‘walk my talk’ during my campaign by running a low-cost campaign.”

Ferrara said he’d focus his campaign around the use of tax revenue to improve the city. However, he said he wants to hear the concerns of residents.

“Many people are often asking ‘Why is the city doing this, or why don’t we have that in Kent,'” Ferrara said. “We need to listen to those concerns and discuss them.”

Atkinson said his campaign is centered on ensuring “the city lives within its budget.”

“Taxes are a big issue for people,” Atkinson said. “The city needs to live within its budget and stop increasing taxes to pay for things. It’s very doable.”

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