Limbeck doesn’t have a plan, makes it work

Brittany Moseley

Photo courtesy of Doghouse Records

Credit: Ron Soltys

Limbeck has been called alternative country, rock ‘n’ roll and punk rock. Music critics can label the band’s music whatever — just don’t call Limbeck predictable.

“I think our last record was too predictable,” said guitarist Patrick Carrie, referring to 2005’s Let Me Come Home. With its latest self-titled album, the band threw out any predetermined ideas they had and just made the record.

“This record was all about having fun,” Carrie said. “We weren’t aiming for anything, but it just worked out.”

Limbeck wasn’t always this carefree, though. In the beginning, the band spent a lot of time planning its music.

“We formed when we were all really into punk and it seemed easy to start a punk band,” Carrie said. “We were trying to be pop-punk but we realized that we weren’t anything original.”

Only after they stopped trying to figure out their music did the five members of Limbeck finally figure it out.

“If we have a set schedule we end up getting thrown a curve ball,” Carrie said. “It works for us not to have a plan.”

The band is signed to Doghouse Records, and the label has no qualms about Limbeck’s relaxation. Doghouse Records beam like proud parents in the band’s biography on, calling Limbeck’s new record “a huge progression for the band.”

“Hot Water Music and the Get Up Kids attracted us to Doghouse, and it’s cool to be a part of it,” Carrie said.

Limbeck’s new record encompasses several different types of music, including country and classic rock ‘n’ roll. Carrie said this album shows how much the band and its music have matured.

“I think we’re just growing up,” Carrie said. “When you get older you appreciate more kinds of music. We were listening to new things that we hadn’t heard before.”

Limbeck was excited to start recording, and Carrie said they love being in the studio “figuring things out.”

Now that the recording is done, the band is concentrating on touring. After five years of touring, the members of Limbeck are pros.

“We toured for two years straight after the first record and we definitely made a name for ourselves,” Carrie said.

The band made a name for itself the old-fashioned way, and Carrie said they are happy using a hands-on approach to promoting.

“We’re pretty content with doing things grassroots and by word of mouth,” he said.

Limbeck is happy with its current status and is in no rush to stardom.

“When a band blows up, the radio overplays your songs. You become over-saturated,” Carrie said. “We’re not ready for people to be tired of us yet.”


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