Annual Communication Expo adds first career fair

Samantha Kerns

Kent State students hear the old phrase “communication is everything” throughout their collegiate career, but the School of Communication Studies’ students experience its truth firsthand.

The School of Communication Studies held its seventh annual Communication Expo and first career fair yesterday in the Student Center. The event had nine key speakers, including Kent State alumni and current seniors. Senior portfolios were on display and voted on by attendees.

More than 10 organizations took part in the career fair held afterward.

“The career fair portion of the event has never been offered and we viewed it as a great opportunity to connect employers and highly qualified communication students,” said Jarrod Harchalk, organizational communication studies major.

LuEtt Hanson, associate dean of the College of Communication and Information, and undergraduate coordinator Rozell Duncan gave the event’s opening remarks. The Alumni Panel had four guest speakers, while the Senior Panel also presented four speakers for the event.

The expo usually draws about 100 attendees each year, but close to 130 students attended this year.

“This is a good event to attend because this year there is a career fair afterward and you will get to see what employers are looking for,” pre-communication major Tara Pryor said. “The event helps get you one step ahead for the future.”

The keynote speaker this year was Vincent Karnik, a 2002 interpersonal communication graduate of Kent State. Karnik is currently the director of special giving at the Cleveland Clinic.

“When I was contacted about speaking at this event, there was absolutely no hesitation to come back and do so,” Karnik said. “I love events like this and like giving back to the students. I’ve been on the other side of the podium plenty of times and it’s great to come back and provide real world experience.”

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