MULTIMEDIA: Audio slideshow of volunteers, your Biloxi photos

Katie Roupe

Click here for an audio slideshow of the Biloxi trip.

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There are some experiences in life that you’ll continue to look back on, and I know my trip to Biloxi will be one of those experiences. It was an awesome trip. It didn’t matter whether I was photographing volunteers, rushing back to camp to update blogs nightly or hanging out with friends on the beach, I was constantly put in new and excitingly fun situations. It was great to be around people 24/7 who truly wanted to make a difference. The volunteers went to Biloxi wanting to work, listen and make an impact – and they did. They completed 31 jobs.

Kent State United for Biloxi is such a special group of people. All the volunteers went to Biloxi selfless, ready to work and to give, but they ended up leaving with beaming faces and stories of how their own lives were touched. Everyone who went on the trip has a story to tell. I tried to capture these stories in my photos. But we would like to hear your own Biloxi stories, so go to our message boards and tell us your story. I was the eyes on the trip, but you can be the voice.

The trip wasn’t about Kent State United for Biloxi volunteers, it was about helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina. However, I felt the volunteers who gave their time and energy should get coverage and thanks. I wanted my photos to show off our volunteers. They worked hard, and they deserve to be proud of their accomplishments. We should all be proud of them. They gave selflessly and made a difference.

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