‘Diviners’ brings sense of community, simplicity to Wright Curtis Theatre

Megan Rozsa

A boy with the strange ability to seek water will be in the Wright Curtis Theatre tomorrow in the performance of “The Diviners.” The performances will continue throughout the week.

The play, set during the Great Depression, is a story of hope and faith, said director Eric van Baars.

“The story revolves around a small town and what happens when a stranger comes in, and the inhabitants expect him to be their leader,” van Baars said. “It’s a contemporary drama with a lot of lighter elements.”

He said the audience can expect to get a laugh and a cry out of this play.

“The story is specific but universal,” van Baars said. “There’s a central theme of loss and a community dealing with the loss. It relates to today with Virginia Tech and even here, the shootings on May 4.”

Danny Lindenberger, freshman musical theatre major, plays the lead role of Buddy Layman.

“The play teaches you to learn how to interact with people who aren’t like you,” Lindenberger said.

This is Lindenberger’s acting debut at Kent State.

“It’s been a learning experience for me,” Lindenberger said. “Everybody works really well together, and they all put their heart and soul into it.”

Lindenberger said the cast rehearses six days a week for four hours.

“The Diviners” is simple, but the challenge is making it an intimate, personal and smaller play, van Baars said.

“Theater competes with other forms of entertainment, like movies,” van Baars said. “We expect to get the bang for our buck when we walk into a movie theater with all the special effects. Our special effects are the story being told and presented so plainly.”

“The Diviners” is an original play by Jim Leonard.

“The play speaks on a lot of levels,” van Baars said. “It has a lot of movement. It’s not just actors standing around saying lines.”

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