TEAP program proves successful

Alexia Harris

Last semester the Ohio Board of Regents implemented the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Educational Awards Program, a financial aid program that would be a direct educational incentive award to eligible low-income students.

“The TEAP program is designed to help with additional educational expenses that a student has,” said Sylvia Bustard, associate director of student financial aid.

Approximately 600 students, including those at regional campuses, have been helped by the program.

Bustard said she does not anticipate the number of eligible students will increase next academic year, but thinks more eligible students will apply.

“In general, I think students see that state officials recognizes students’ need,” said Conni Dubick, associate director or student financial aid. “Sometimes students feel alone in trying to make things work.”

Two cash payments are given per term. The first payment is awarded at the beginning of the term and the larger second payment is awarded after a student has successfully completed the coursework. Full-time students can receive up to $1,200 per academic year. Part-time students can receive up to $600.

“I hope the incentive, the more coursework completed, the more money a student can receive, encourages students to complete and do well in their classes,” Bustard said.

Bustard said the office is hearing good feedback that students are grateful for the funds they use to help in their educational process.

Although the program is directed toward students with children, not all students were eligible.

Senior nursing student Kenya Prade was not able to take advantage of the program, even though she is a parent.

“I thought that I would be able to get more financial help, but I wasn’t eligible,” Prade said. “From what I heard, it is a good program and has helped a lot of my friends who needed it.”

With some uncertainty about the program, Kent State is not sure if the program will continue, Bustard said.

“If the program is implemented next year, students will be required to submit an application for each term,” she said.

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