Hour-long wait for future insight

Psychic readings have always made me slightly nervous, and I never considered actually having one done until my news editor asked me to cover the psychic at yesterday’s FlashFest.

Kate Bigam, the Stater’s assistant news editor, stood in line with me for an hour. Obviously, we weren’t the only ones interested in our futures.

Several things Matthew Muschott, intuitive reader from Westerville, said were right on; however, one read in particular gave me goosebumps.

“You need to write,” he said. “Whether it be in a journal or a blog or something else, you need to write about things you wouldn’t ever say to anyone else. You’ll find once you do this, if you’re completely honest with yourself, you’ll find answers to your own questions.”

He was so right on.

Courtney Smith, freshman elementary education major, said he pretty much had her when he told her he didn’t see her staying in Kent for long.

“I am transferring next year,” she said. “He also explained, perfectly, the relationship I have with my dad.”

Muschott ended my reading by telling me to watch where I walk. He said I tend to not pay attention and often bump into things.

Bigam and I smiled to one another, and I thought, “Are you serious?” mostly because I cause minor injury to myself at least once a day.

“Please don’t fall down and die!” she said, laughing.

— Elise Franco