Fashion Student Organization holds sale in Rockwell this week

Kristen Kotz


Junior fashion merchandising majors Vanessa Rae and Kelly Velikonya look at fashion school merchandise being sold by junior merchandising major Allison Tranter.

Credit: Adam Griffiths

The Fashion Student Organization is having a merchandising sale in Rockwell Hall through Friday.

Items for sale include tank tops, tote bags and T-shirts. These items have sold well in the past, said Ashley Cuyjet, treasurer of the Fashion Student Organization. Two new items the organization has added this year are travel mugs and track jackets.

Students can stop by the organization’s booth in Rockwell Hall between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to order their items. They will have their choice of three different designs to put on their purchases. All three designs were created by fashion design majors.

The cost of the items ranges from $10 to $22. The items are being provided by American Apparel, a United States clothing company that does not outsource any of its jobs. Cuyjet said the organization also has leftover sweatpants it is trying to get rid of from last year.

Cuyjet said this is the first time the Fashion Student Organization has ordered its items from American Apparel. The organization had problems getting the correct items in a timely manner from its previous supplier, she said. The organization had to have students come and pick up their items during finals week last year because of this, Cuyjet said.

Jaime Reynolds, a junior fashion design major, said she purchased a T-shirt from the Fashion Student Organization this year because she thought it was cute.

“I want to represent the fashion school,” she said, “I never bought anything before but always see it.”

Profits from the sale go back to the Fashion Student Organization. The organization will then either give the money back to the fashion school or use it to establish a scholarship for its members, Cuyjet said.

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