Letters to the editor

Ultrasound RV support

Dear Editor:

As a former intern of Pregnancy Solutions and Services, the agency under which Image Clear Ultrasound functions, I am offended at the accusations of Ms. Troha (April 23 letter to the editor “Ultrasound RV offers deceiving services”).

In the beginning I, too, was a little concerned about a pro-life crisis pregnancy center and how effective they would be in trying to get factual information across to young women facing a pregnancy that was either unexpected or unwanted. I can say, having actually spent time in the RV that the women on there want nothing more than for pregnant women to make an INFORMED decision.

The sonographer and volunteers take the time to get to know the women that come aboard the RV. Contrary to what people might believe, or might see in the media, they give information on abortion, adoption and parenting. Information that is hard to stomach about the realities of abortion is given out — not inaccurate information. They are definitely not trying to make any decisions for these women. In fact, the sonographer lets women know that whatever choice they make is their choice. Because I am a huge believer in the saying, “Pro-Choice does not mean Anti-Life”, this is one of the main reasons that I enjoyed interning at Pregnancy Solutions and Services.

Pregnancy Solutions and Image Clear Ultrasound are there to cater to the emotional, spiritual and very personal needs of women and supply information to them so that they can make the decision for themselves, without the influence of significant others, the law or the media.

Ebonee Emanuel

Junior human development and family studies/case management major

Get a sense of humor

Dear editor,

This is in a response to the student who disliked the Bob Saget stand-up show. All that I really want to say is that a lot of people read the Stater. And if they read the Stater the week before Saget performed, there was an article about him. The article clearly said that he was going to be raunchy, and that’s part of his act.

That’s not the real him.

He said the real him is between Danny Tanner and the raunchy him.

I, too, am a supporter of gay rights, but even I can have a sense of humor about it as well. I know a lot of gay and lesbian friends who attended this show and laughed. This show was supposed to be raunchy, and if he acted saintly, it would have disappointed a lot of people. I’m not being insensitive to the girls in college that get raped or whatever, but Saget wasn’t talking about rape. Most girls in college are of legal consent, and it’s part of his joke about making fun of himself for dating young women.

Olivia Bartels

Freshman theater major