Saget wows a full house

Joe Shearer


“This lady wakes up from a being in a coma and me and John Stamos are standing over her. She probably thought she was in sitcom hell!” Bob Saget came to Kent last night and performed to a sold-out M.A.C. Center.

Credit: Adam Griffiths

Comedian Bob Saget spared no one during his performance last night in the M.A.C. Center. Any one of the nearly 5,000 in attendance had potential to be included in the comic’s show – whether they wanted to be or not.

Forget the family-friendly Saget you grew up watching on “Full House” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos; Saget is now known as one of the more crude comedians on the scene.

Saget uttered the F-word more than 200 times in his 60-minute performance. And that was just the swearing.

“Thank you dirty hoes that go to Kent State,” Saget told the audience as he came out on stage. “I don’t get to say this often, but this is a full house. I did family television for a long time, and now I have turrets.”

Saget made more than a dozen references to his career doing family television.

“Three straight guys raising three girls in San Francisco,” Saget said. “Yeah, that could happen.”

At one point, a group of young males were walking to their seats, and Saget called them out.

“Where were you before you came here?” Saget asked. “Circle jerk?”

A few moments later, one of the men in the group yelled something to him.

“Thanks for showing up late,” Saget joked. “Now get the balls out of your mouth.”

Saget frequently apologized to the audience, saying “that was wrong,” but immediately went back into it.

Saget, a divorcee and father of three girls, cracked a lot of jokes regarding his single status.

“I’m very lucky,” Saget said. “I have a girlfriend in the room right now. I don’t know her yet … You know, I don’t think my next wife is born yet.”

Toward the end of the show, Saget had an acoustic guitar brought out to him, in which he sang raunchy lyrics to well-known tunes. In his final song, “Danny Tanner is Not Gay,” Saget sang to the tune of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way.”

At times, it seemed the audience could barely keep up with Saget, but he kept everyone laughing.

Jenna Richards, junior human development and family studies major, said she was pleasantly surprised by Saget’s sense of humor.

“I knew it was going to be racy,” Richards said. “I just didn’t know how bad it was going to be. My friends would’ve hated it, but I loved it. I was laughing so hard, I was crying.”

Edward Anthony, senior history and political science major, said he got what he expected and was grateful for All Campus Programming Board bringing him here.

“It was great they brought someone that packed the house,” Anthony said.

Freshman finance major Evan Vereb agreed.

“I’d like (ACPB) to get more things like this at Kent,” Vereb said.

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