Biking on campus saves time, has fitness benefits

Meredith Compton

What moves faster than an average walker, is smaller than an automobile and can increase the fitness level of its driver?

Finding the answer is as easy as riding a bike — literally.

“I enjoy using my bike, because it’s a lot faster than walking,” freshman accounting major Kate Barr said.

Barr started using her bike last semester when she was looking for a different way to get to her classes.

“I brought my bike up here about halfway through Fall semester, because I don’t really enjoy walking,” she said. “I had seen other people riding their bikes and thought it was a great idea.”

Barr said one of the benefits of riding a bike to class is that it saves time.

“I think the main benefit of riding my bike around is that it cuts a 15 minute walk to class down to two to three minutes,” she said. “The physical aspect is a great plus too, though.”

Junior psychology major Jeremy Hepner also uses his bike to get around campus and enjoys it for another reason.

“It’s definitely beneficial physically, and that’s one reason why I ride it,” he said. “And also just for the fun of it as well.”

Barr and Hepner said it’s relatively easy to bike around campus.

“It is very rare that you have to get off of it because there are too many people around to safely ride it,” Hepner said.

Barr agreed.

“It’s easy using my bike around campus,” she said. “It gets a little congested near the M.A.C. (Center), but most of the time it’s easy.”

Both Barr and Hepner said they use their bikes as much as possible.

“If it’s raining or snowing I won’t use it, but I try the majority of the time,” Barr said. “In the winter, I used it sparely, only if it wasn’t too chilly out.”

Barr and Hepner said they would recommend using a bike to others.

“It’s quite time efficient if you live a ways from your class,” Hepner said.

Barr agreed.

“I highly recommend it,” she said. “It cuts down the time to get to class so much. Gives you an extra 10 to 15 minutes to wait before leaving to go to class.”ÿ

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