New USS holds first meeting

Jackie Valley

LaCross named vice chair, Ljubi to be parliamentarian

The former Undergraduate Student Senate wished new senators good luck and bid their seats farewell at the USS meeting yesterday.

The new USS appointed Jonithon LaCross, senator for university affairs, the vice chair and Andrew Ljubi, senator for business and finance, the parliamentarian of USS.

Executive Director Katie Hale said the parliamentarian keeps order in meetings, and the vice chair assumes the duties of the executive director in the event of his or her absence.

Before passing the gavel, former Executive Director Ross Miltner said he was impressed with each senator’s ability to go beyond the “status quo” of their positions.

“I was really proud of our senate to be the one to get so much done this year,” he said. “Especially with the referendum; I don’t think a lot of people even realize yet what that means around here.

“Our student government is going to be on a whole new level.”

Preston Mitchum, former senator for academic affairs, introduced a resolution – “Preston Mitchum’s Final Goodbye” – to formally acknowledge former and current senators. The resolution passed unanimously.

Mitchum said he decided to make a formal resolution “because senate is an organization that has helped build my character a lot.”

In it, Mitchum urged the new senators to do what is right, regardless of the criticism they may receive: “If something is wrong, speak up! There is no time to waste simply because friends and colleagues will be upset with you.”

Sean Groves, former senator for business and finance, along with other senators advised the new senate to remember who elected them – the students.

“You start today,” he said. “Hit the ground running and make the best use of your time.

“Remember you are here for the students.”

In addition, Justin Jeffery, former senator for community affairs, issued a challenge to the new senate: “Get a student on City Council.”

“The future of the city is only going to get better,” he said.

And, on a final note, the former USS senators concluded their journey by jokingly saluting the music group Journey with the “Don’t Stop Believing Resolution,” which Groves said had been started five years ago but had been tabled.

The resolution declaring Journey “one of the best rock and roll bands of all time” passed unanimously.

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