Lake Street Apartments ‘a good mix’ for students

Amadeus Smith

Located at 1002 Lake St., about a mile from campus, residents said Lake Street Apartments offers a good community for both students and families.

Joe Kubelka, freshman technical theater major, said he prefers the quiet atmosphere of a complex located farther from campus.

“The ones closer to campus are loud and a little dumpy,” Kubelka said. “It’s a good mix of families and students.”

Kubelka said it was hard for him to think of anything about the residence that bothered him, though if he could change one thing it would be the placement of the Honeywell, a device that controls the thermostat.

He said the device is placed at shoulder height and he has bumped into it many times.

“I had come home after going to my parents’ for the night and the thermostat got bumped,” he said. “It would only push out hot air.”

Kubelka said although he doesn’t like the placement of the device, management has been quick to fix any problems. He said maintenance workers arrived within 15 minutes of his notifying the office about the thermostat problem.

“Managers and maintenance all live here,” he said. “They can’t get away from residents.”

He also said the speed bumps in the parking lot were bothersome.

Andy Gealy, who has lived at Lake Street Apartments for eight months, said he has only had one minor problem with bills. Management has residents pay gas bills through the complex.

“My gas bill was high but the thermostat wasn’t,” he said.

However, Gealy said the gas bill the following month was low so it evened out.

Gealy also said he appreciates how quiet the complex is.

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