Don’t forget the sunscreen

What are you doing for Spring Break?

We want to know, and you can tell us. Taking any photos during break? Send them to [email protected] if you’d like to see them on

If you’re like the Stater editorial board, you may be lounging around at home and making a few extra bucks; or you might be going to a conference, searching for a summer home or taking a trip somewhere you’ve never been.

More than a hundred students are headed to Biloxi to further help relief efforts in the hurricane (and FEMA) stricken city. (Speaking of the Biloxi trip, visit during break to read about students’ experiences on the trip, as a Stater reporter and photographer, and a couple other students, will blog during the week.)

Many other students, we’re sure, will be helping other communities across the nation.

Or maybe they’ll be helping out the economies in Miami, Cancun or Myrtle Beach.

But wherever students are headed, this editorial board has a few tips that might help make your break, and your after-break, more enjoyable:

• Staying in Kent? Sure, there may not be much open on campus or going on off-campus, but think of it this way: You have it all to yourself. Ever think about singing “Battle Hymn of the Republic” while strolling through Risman Plaza? Or, have you ever wanted to paint the rock, but didn’t because you knew your art would be gone by the next morning? Now’s your chance.

• Going home? Yes, like winter break, you have to spend more time with the family back home. How will you survive? Books – catch up on everything you’ve wanted to read for the past two months. Or, with Harry Potter‘s impending release, start to relive the previous six adventures.

• Going to Biloxi, or on another service-related trip? If you’ll be working outside, take long sleeves, jeans and steel-toed boots. And sunscreen-a lot of sunscreen. Disposable cameras could come in handy, too – you want to record the memories, but you probably don’t want to damage that nice digital camera you just got for Christmas. Also take an open mind: You’ll meet both students and residents who have interesting stories to tell. Listen to them.

• Going to Cancun, or another popular destination? The editorial board doesn’t take trips to beaches. Nothing against them, we just think MTV’s Spring Break is lame. But if you must take our advice, here it is: What happens on Spring Break stays at Spring Break. Have fun; only in school are you somewhat expected to lead a debaucherous lifestyle for one entire week. We’re not saying to break any laws or cheat on your significant other; just have fun and let loose.

• Searching for a job or a place to live this summer? Take some time to have fun. If your apartment hunt takes you out of town, explore the area a bit. If you’re staying in town for the job hunt, stay up late and sleep in as much as possible.

Most of all, just have fun on break. Take a breather before the last five weeks of the semester. For some, this is just the first break of four (or more). For others, this may be their last break as an undergraduate.

The above column is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.