Clinton and Obama candidacies sign of hope

Kevin Rand

Politically, I am very moderate, not too conservative, not too liberal, extremely “flip-floppish,” indecisive, and, unfortunately, too often apathetic.

For some reason I’m actually excited about what this country will probably be experiencing for the first time in its history come next November.

I think we’re going to have a minority or a female president in office.

If you’ve been awake for the past few months, you know that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton aren’t only the leading democratic candidates for the ticket, but for the presidency.

I feel that having a minority or a female president will mean just as much, if not more, to the country than either of their abilities to govern will mean.

That’s a good thing.

From the sound bites and news clips I’ve heard and seen, I like Obama and Clinton. I think they can both do a fine job as presidents.

But look at how far we’ve come as a nation that we’re even having this conversation about an African-American and a woman legitimately contending for the oval office. I think it’s a darn big deal.

Imagine the morale boost and pride this country will feel when we have an African-American or female president. We should be proud when that day comes.

In order to correct the wrongs of the past, we need to recognize progress when it is made.

Most of us hope for the day when all people, regardless of race, creed or sex, will be judged, as Martin Luther King Jr. said, “by the content of their character.”

That day is not today. Having President Obama or President Hillary Clinton, will not only prove what is possible, but what is necessary for us to move forward as a nation.

This country needs to prove to itself what it claims it stands for – equality.

Older white men are not in power because they are more qualified than people of other groups. Circumstances have just led to the way things are right now.

We are learning to break through circumstances and create new possibilities.

I am proud to be an American despite how much this country has shamed itself.

I will be more proud if and when Obama or Clinton wins.

The first minority or female president should embrace their position as the “first fill-in-the-blank” president.

His or her burden will be proving the narrow-minded naysayers wrong, some of who are incorrigible. But those on the fence, those who do not have full faith in a black or a female leader – they need to be proven otherwise.

Our country’s position as the leader of the free world currently stands on unstable ground. We are viewed, perhaps rightfully so, as imperialistic capitalists who will wage war based on faulty and false information.

For me, it’s just encouraging to know that we might be 571 days away from breaking another misplaced and archaic barrier.

Having that milestone president in office will be a tremendous step toward proving what we are capable of as a nation.

Kevin Rand is a columnist for The Spartan Daily at San Jose University. It was made available through U-Wire.