Taylor aims to increase CLEP availability

Research and development candidate Beth Taylor said her motivation is what sets her apart.

After loosing by 20 votes for the community affairs position last year, she has developed a platform she said is beneficial to students and feasible to achieve.

One of her goals is to create professor profiles for instructors of major classes that are readily available to students. She said these would include information about grade distribution and ratings by former students.

Beth Taylor

Research and Development

• Junior business management major from Cuyahoga Falls

• Member of Delta Sigma Pi and club soccer

• Wants to improve CLEP testing opportunities

• Would like to create professor profiles for major classes

Taylor said another important goal is to make CLEP testing more readily available. She hopes to make informational packets to let students know what options they have.

One of the most important things to change on campus right now, she said, is the availability of resources. To aid this issue, Taylor said she wants to push to have parts of the University Library open 24 hours. In addition, she has been researching details to write a proposal for an on-campus parking garage.

Another idea Taylor said she would like to research is online consignment with area bookstores. This would provide a system where students could sell old textbooks to each other and negotiate prices.

Taylor said one of her main reasons for running is to make more students care about Undergraduate Student Senate. Many USS candidates, she said, campaign only to certain groups, such as their own fraternities and sororities. Taylor said she would like to become more involved with the “normal students” to make them aware of what is happening on campus.

“It affects where their money goes and what’s going on with the campus,” she said about USS.

Taylor is also a member of the club soccer team and Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity. She is employed at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

Taylor said her ideas for next year are something all students can relate with.

“It’s a real platform that students will appreciate,” she said.

– Christina Stavale