The party is at the Townhomes

Christina Stavale

For students looking for a party atmosphere, University Townhomes may be the place to live.

“If you want to move here, you need to be ready for that,” said Maria Valentino, senior early childhood education major and resident of the townhomes.

Located directly on the campus bus route, University Townhomes offers five-bedroom townhomes for Kent State students.

Don Vargo, owner of six of the townhomes, said leases are for one year, and up to five students can share a home, each paying $260 a month. Utilities are separate, and he said the cost usually averages about $60 per person.

“You get your own bedroom at a great price,” he said.

Katie Sylvester, junior English major and resident of the townhomes, said she thinks the price is reasonable.

“They’re not too bad on the inside, and our costs are pretty low,” she said.

Vargo said an advantage of University Townhomes is that it provides all necessary utilities, such as dishwashers, garbage disposals, washers and dryers.

A disadvantage, Sylvester said, is often loud residents.

“If it’s a Thursday night and you don’t feel like partying, it’s too bad because everyone around is, and there’s a couple of bands too,” she said.

Valentino said another disadvantage is parking.

“It gets full really quickly and, if you get home late, you can’t get a spot,” she said.

Both Valentino and Sylvester said they had a couple of problems, such as malfunctioning utilities, when they first moved in, but their landlords eventually fixed the problems.

University Townhomes are individually owned, so owners such as Vargo do not own all, but only a number of townhomes.

He said students looking to live in the townhomes should apply for a lease now. A $260 security deposit is required upon signing.

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