Biloxi, days seven and eight: Back at home

The following are just snippets of blog postings by Stater staff and Kent State volunteers in Biloxi. Click here to read more.

And we’re back

We’re all back after a long bus ride and after goodbyes and promises of staying in touch, everyone parted ways. But even though the trip is over, the memories and the impact the trip created won’t be gone.

I loved traveling around to the different work sites seeing ambitious volunteers tackling large jobs such as painting houses, installing a kitchen, helping build a house or demolishing walls. The volunteers completed 31 jobs, which is an incredible amount. Even though they had to work in high temperatures for long days, they did it willingly and cheerfully. I loved camp life. It felt like I was back in grade school summer camp going to the cafeteria to eat, sleeping in bunk beds and fighting for the shower.

— Katie Roupe

Home bittersweet home

I am exhausted. My shoulders are sunburned; my nose is stuffy, and I just spent some 20-odd hours traveling back to Kent, Ohio from Biloxi, Mississippi. All of these minor inconviences were well worth it because of this life-changing week I have just experienced.

— Katie Cleary

The beginning of the end

Volunteers at Camp Seashore are stacking their things outside their rooms, getting ready to go. The 30 people here are about to meet with those from the other camps for pizza – their last meal and certainly the tastiest. Then everyone will load up and start the journey home.

— Steve Bushong

Heavy lifting

This will be my last entry. I could almost cry. I bet I could stay with this rountine at least ’til I fall off a roof.

Before I forget, here is some great info on the home countries of the thousands of volunteers from yesterday, today and you know the rest. Turkey, South Korea, Bahamas, Austria, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Panama, Costa Rica, Israel, and . well, pretty much every country you ever heard of and a bunch you haven’t.

— Marc Joslyn

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