Biloxi, the night before the trip: Ready for action

Wherever you are, come back here

I am not going to Biloxi.

Perhaps this isn’t the best way to start the first post of our Biloxi coverage, but let’s consider it a recognition of those who are going.

I, on the other hand, will be here, on this blog – not writing, but facilitating. Stater staff members Steven Bushong, Katie Roupe and Sarah McGrath and student volunteer Marc Joslyn will be the ones writing, taking photos, shooting video, etc. …

–Ryan Loew

Last-minute preparations

Spring break is officially on. For some, that means tonight is a night for booze and decadence. But for students, staff, faculty and Stater reporters (including me) leaving for Mississippi tomorrow afternoon, tonight is the last chance to pickup needed supplies, check the checklist once again and punch out for some quality sleep.

Speaking of checklists, I have not begun to pack. Instead, I’ve been out shopping for essentials such as sunscreen, deodorant and boots, which I still need to find. Pamela Jones, a United for Biloxi organizer, said it’s important to wear boots during work to protect the feet. Though the city of Biloxi recently released a report suggesting that most of Hurricane Katrina’s debris has since been removed, I’d still hate to be spiked through the foot by a lingering rusted nail. …

–Steven Bushong

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