My IQ: schfifty-five

Donny Sobnosky

So far, all of my columns have been about things I think are stupid or excessive, so this week I thought I would share some things I enjoy.

Internet videos.

There are practically no restrictions on what you can put on the Internet, and when it comes to viral videos and flash animation, most of them are funny.

Personally, Internet videos have taught me: 1) which shoes rule, and which shoes suck, 2) what happens when a dog loves a stuffed animal 3) and a secret that is so good to hear it .

But of course not all of these streaming clips are politically correct. In fact, almost none of them are, so here is your brief guide to the good (hilarious), the bad (politically incorrect) and the ugly (bizarrely weird), of what the Web has to offer. A majority of these are not suitable for children, or NSFW if you know what that means. I realize not everyone has the same taste in this sort of thing, so this is just one man’s take on what is download-worthy and what is not.

If you spend hours on Facebook doing nothing, think of all the nothing you can be doing watching these crŠme-de-la-crŠme choice videos.


• One of my all-time favorite Internet clips is called “Schfifty-five.” It’s a song by a band called Group X. A lot of their other stuff is really good too, so if you like this one, check out “Peanuts,” “Too Many Guys” and “Bang Bang Bang.” You can find “Schfifty-five” here:

• Another good one is a tale of adventure. “Charlie the Unicorn” is the quest of three unicorns that are searching for Candy Mountain.

• This genius decides it would be a good idea to put a scorpion in his butt. Hilarity ensues.

• This one is just cool: “House Jumping with Josh Cyrul.”

• No animals were harmed in the making of this video. The exact opposite happens when this little dog is looking for love from a Pikachu doll.


• There are really no words to describe the “Sparkling Wiggles” video. This is really, really bad. Someday this little girl is going to grow up and hate her parents. Not for the easily offended.

• If you’re sick of the unrealistic violence in movies and TV, how ’bout some homemade beat-downs. In “Girl Fights” you get just that.

• “Princess Hears a Strange Noise” has lots of offensive potential. What exactly that strange noise is cannot be printed on these pages. Be warned, this is the worst one of the bunch.


After watching these, I’m genuinely confused and want to hide somewhere.

• The hands-down weirdest Internet video I’ve ever seen is “Shoes.” Part of the reason you don’t expect what’s going to happen next is that you have no idea of what’s going on in the first place.

• “Alien Reptile Girl” has a message for our planet. But exactly what that message is, I have no idea. I think it has something to do with her two enormous brains.

• Another video that’s not for the faint of heart is “Space People.” Its lyrics claim to be about people from space.

After sitting through all these, your IQ is probably schfifty-five as well.

Donny Sobnosky is a video and film programming major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].