Governmental Affairs

Annah Trunick v. John Wetmore

Editor’s note: Today, the undergraduate student body is voting for future senators of the Undergraduate Student Senate. A number of the candidates have sent in columns detailing why your vote should belong to them.

Governmental Affairs: This senator monitors all national and state legislation that may effect the undergraduate student body.

Annah Trunick

I am a freshman exploratory major and work for the Undergraduate Student Senate as their programming assistant. I am also a Judicial Advocate and member of Delta Zeta. After graduating high school, I spent a year as a foreign exchange student in Mexico. While there, I attended school and spent a lot of time volunteering with the Mexican Rotary to help the poor, hungry and disabled.

My platform consists of things that are of great importance to the student body and are very attainable. I have done research and spoken with several university officials to discuss how to carry out my goals.

One goal is to ban the newly enforced policy about sending letters home to parents of students caught on campus with alcohol or drugs. I am not in any way promoting underage drinking or breaking laws, just standing up for the rights of Kent State students as adults over the age of 18. The policy of parents not being notified about student grades but receiving a letter of notification of behavior completely contradict each other. There are better ways of deterring inappropriate student behavior.

Another concern is the consumption of trans fats in campus cooking. We need to provide a healthier environment to help prevent future health problems in our students. If you are concerned that the Kent Market will no longer sell your favorite junk foods, relax. You will still have those options, but be offered a healthier version of your french fries.

Here at Kent State, it costs an inordinate amount to fix any virus found on students’ computers where other universities provide those services for free. This should be provided free of charge to students who live on Kent State’s campus, as well.

It is important that our age group is aware of all the issues and votes on everything that will affect our future. I will register as many freshmen as possible for the upcoming presidential election. I will create a detailed map to be distributed in every building on campus and add it to a link on the USS Web site. Since the arranged voting vans were such a success this year, I would continue with it next fall.

As a freshman, I will still be around to see the benefits and positive changes of which I want to be a part of implementing. Students should feel free to express their concerns since I am a very amicable person. I will approach all concerns with a fresh outlook and creative problem solving skills. I may lack a loud voice, but make up for it by being a great listener.

No comment available from John Wetmore.