Senator for research and development must guage student opinion

Figuring out what students want is the goal of the Undergraduate Student senator for research and development.

“Mostly, it’s trying to get student input,” said Kourtney Wolfgang, current senator for research and development.

Important parts of the job, she said, include polling and researching to try to gauge student opinion. To do this, Wolfgang made surveys available in the Undergraduate Student Senate office and randomly selected students to survey by walking around the Student Center.

One of the areas she investigated was FlashCash, in order to find out where students want this option to be available. She also worked on a survey for the KAPS report to let students know how to view it, researched how to better the university’s technology and sat on the provost search committee.

Other things she has done in her position include going to student organization meetings and sending out information about USS to freshmen orientation classes to make them aware of what Kent State offers.

A good senator for research and development, Wolfgang said, would be outgoing and able to work well with the other senators. She said it is also important to figure out creative ways to poll people to get their opinions.

– Christina Stavale