Ryan Place Apartments offers a quiet space

Kelly Pickerel

Newly remodeled rooms are the latest additions Ryan Place Apartments has made to please residents.

The newer rooms come with ceramic tiles, a microwave, a dishwasher and a fan in the bedroom.

Andrea Guarnieri, junior therapeutic recreation major, said she doesn’t like how hot the apartments get in the summer months.

“I don’t like that there is a wall unit air conditioner in the living room (and not in the other rooms),” Guarnieri said. “Bedrooms get really hot in the summer.”

Most Ryan Place residents said they live there because of the reasonable prices. One-bedroom apartments are $535 or $560 a month for the remodeled rooms, and two-bedrooms are $655 or $710 a month for the remodeled rooms.

“(Ryan Place) includes gas and water, which is nice and one less thing to worry about,” said Jason Laurence, senior integrated social studies major.

Jamie Coffman, junior English education major, said she likes that Ryan Place only adds electric, Internet and cable to her bill. Management provides Time Warner Internet for $20 a month.

“If you can find a place with a good rate and you only have to pay electric, move in,” she said. “Electric bills are easy and usually very small. The object of living on your own is to pay as little as you can, and we succeeded in doing that by choosing Ryan Place.”

The bills might be cheaper, but residents still see disadvantages to living at Ryan Place.

Laurence said he dislikes the apartment’s layout.

“The kitchen area is really small,” he said. “You can’t open the refrigerator door all the way because it hits the counter on the other side.”

Coffman said there are a variety of residents living near her.

“It seems there are only a few college students living around us,” she said. “At (other apartments), no one really cared if you had a party because they were all college students.”

Coffman said parties are sometimes halted early by security or the police because of noise issues.

“That’s a downer, but if you’re in need of study time, you’re almost guaranteed it,” she said.

“It is really not that bad of a place to live,” Laurence said. “It’s college though, so you can’t be too picky. It’s not like you’re going to be here forever.”

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