Candidate encourages student involvement

Kiera Manion-Fischer

One of Jonithon LaCross’s goals as university affairs senator candidate for Undergraduate Student Senate is to increase student involvement with USS and on campus in general.

“I would love to see more people run for USS and get involved with committees,” he said.


• Senior justice studies and political science major from Medina

• Scholarship and ritual chair for Delta Upsilon fraternity; Judicial Advocate and member of the All University Hearing Board, Public Safety Advisory Board, College Republicans and pre-law club

• Wants to see more student involvement in Undergraduate Student Senate and on campus in general

LaCross said he feels there should be at least two people running for each position.

One of the position’s responsibilities is to appoint students to USS committees. LaCross said he wants to make students more aware of the committee application process.

Another job of the senator for university affairs is to put together a packet explaining USS to freshman orientation students.

“That’s honestly not enough,” LaCross said.

Instead, he said, he wants to set up weekly seminars with orientation classes explaining what USS is and possibly have one of the senators speak to


While collecting signatures for his campaign, LaCross said students frequently asked him, “What’s USS?” He said he also wants to provide students with a packet of descriptions of all the student organizations on campus.

Another one of LaCross’s goals is to make the All University Hearing Board more available to students going through judicial affairs. The board is an option for students subjected to Judicial Affairs and functions as “a jury of their peers,” LaCross said.

He said he wants to work more closely with Judicial Advocates, setting up monthly meetings with them and possibly having them hold office hours.

LaCross has been interested in the university affairs position ever since he started working with USS as the organization’s elections committee chairman, he said.

“I’ve always wanted to give something back to the school that’s given so much to me,” LaCross said.

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