Men’s styles, ’80s couture hit the fashion scene this spring

Kristen Kotz



(Freshman fashion design major Liz Medovich modeling.)

This season, fashion professors and students are saying the brighter and tighter the clothes, the better.

It’s all about emphasizing the natural waist, said Catherine Amoroso Leslie, an assistant professor in the School of Fashion.

“We are starting to see more of a natural waist and an emphasis on hourglass shape,” Leslie said.

Skirts that fit at the waist and flow out and dresses with puffy sleeves combined with floral prints are also trendy now, Leslie said. More “poof” can also be seen in women’s skirts this spring than in those from last fall, she said. And if female students want to splurge on any one form-fitting accessory, it should be the classic fitted jacket, said senior fashion design major Andrew Danals.

“It will freshen up a new look and can bring color to your face,” he said.

Danals said one way women can get the natural waist look is by belting a men’s shirt at the waist. This is part of the more masculine trends also popular in women’s clothing this season. For example, the popular look for gaucho pants last year was a largely tapered cut in the pant leg, while this season, gauchos are designed to have a less baggy look, Danals said.

Military styles and fitted clothes are the main fashion trends for spring. Pastel colors and jewel tones are making a comeback.

Skinny jeans and V-neck T-shirts are a big trend in men’s fashion this season as well. Men’s clothes are about practicality, with lots of pockets and applets being part of the military style, Danals said.

“Guys are all about function and how many ways you can make it work,” he said.

Leather jackets, dog tags and vests are also a spring must for the trendy male.

According to fashion professors and students, the ’80s style is returning for both men and women’s styles, as the popularity of wearing body-hugging clothes and the use of bright colors can be seen in stores nationwide.

As far as spring accessories, oversized tote bags are also a must-have for ladies.

There is also talk that more formal hats will be popular for women this spring, but Leslie said she is unsure if this trend would take hold.

“We really haven’t had hats since the 1960s,” she said.

As far as footwear goes, shoes with a wedge heel will complement any spring style, Leslie said. In addition, more delicate jewelry, such as teardrop necklaces, are fashionable for many of the spring styles for women.

For men, Danals suggested spending the big bucks on a nice watch or sunglasses. Small messenger bags are hot for men as well, he said. It is important for men to keep their style masculine, Danals said.

“If you’re going to go for the emo look, go for it,” he said, “but keep it masculine.”

Danals said two stores where students can find the latest spring fashions are Buckle and Nordstrom. And for trendy students on a budget, Leslie suggested shopping at Gabriel Brothers in Kent as well.

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