Whitehall Terrace provides abundance of room, limited parking

Kelly Pickerel

Large rooms and access to a swimming pool attract residents to Whitehall Terrace Apartments.

“I like that the apartments are clean, bright and big,” senior nursing major Stephanie Beller said.

Greg Otter, junior marketing major, disagreed.

“The lighting within the apartment is terrible,” he said. “I don’t really like it in Whitehall.”

According to management, Whitehall Terrace offers three bedroom apartments with up to two-and-a-half bathrooms – something that is not very common in the Kent area.

Senior marketing major Christen Coppola said she loves living in Whitehall Terrace for that reason.

“It was one of the few places that offered three-bedroom apartments,” she said. “And since I’m a girl living with two boys, it’s nice to have my own bathroom.”

One-bedroom apartments start at $599 a month, two-bedrooms for $814 and three-bedrooms for $949. Management said the apartments are designed for up to two people per bedroom. An additional person can also reside in the apartments.

Coppola said she liked how much the complex has to offer.

“It’s moderately priced, the landlords are very nice, things get fixed in a timely manner,” she said. “The only thing I dislike is the limited parking — especially for guests. People get towed constantly.”

Beller also said parking is a problem. She said there is never space for her visitors to park.

According to management, an advantage of living at Whitehall Terrace is its bus stop on the Kent State bus line.

Although it’s close to campus, Otter said Kent’s downtown party scene is quite a distance away.

When deciding on apartments, students should consider whether they want to be close to campus or downtown — Whitehall Terrace is a choice for those wanting to stick close to campus.

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