Team Apple: Co-Rec champions

Team Apple went up against the undefeated Get Bucketzzz in the Co-rec intramural basketball championship Tuesday night.

Kate Ludwig started the game off strong with two quick 3-pointers, which gave Apple a quick lead. But Get Bucketzzz kept pushing the ball up the court, and after the first half, Bucketzzz was up two points.

At the beginning of the second half, Bucketzzz attempted to stall, but Apple pushed the defense. Apple’s men were in serious foul trouble, so Bucketzzz decided to bring the ball inside and try to force more fouls.

With two minutes left in the game, Apple was up eight, and Bucketzzz was forced to begin fouling to stop the clock.

Apple ended up winning the game, 59-47.

The leading scorers for Apple’s women were Dana Neroni and Ludwig with eight points apiece. Andy Mullet also helped the team with 11 points.

Apple couold not have won without the defense of Kristy Clark, who played hard even though she was sick with the flu. Tyler Allchin’s enthusiasm kept Apple in the

Game, and J.J. Wray’s guidance definitely helped us get the win.

This is Apple’s second Co-Rec basketball championship.

-Kate Ludwig, Team Apple captain