If it’s this cold, KSU should not have class

Phil Burwell

Dear Editor,

I want to know why it is that there are 600+ schools closings in Northeast Ohio, yet not a single university/college is closed around us?

Kent City Schools, Akron City Schools and Cleveland Public Schools are all closed. Local school systems of Streetsboro, Aurora, Ravenna, Rootstown, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson and Tallmadge are all closed surrounding the Kent area.

But the schools that are open for some reason are the universities. Kent State, Akron, John Carroll and Case Western are all open today on the frigid below zero day. Why?

A man died in Ravenna last night because he froze to death, and two people were killed in a 21-car wreck. Does this not concern whoever is making the decisions whether we should have classes or not? Sure there is a bus service that comes around, but do you seriously think the buses would be able to handle that amount of students in the breaks between classes?

All the news is talking about is how dangerous it is to be outside and/or drive. We are on a campus that has a pretty large percent of students and faculty who commute to campus. I am currently watching the news and an anchorman just said, “It is not fit for anyone to be outside today, man or beast.”

But apparently if you are college student, it’s perfectly fine to go about as if it is an average day. Sometimes you need to put aside your pride and do the right thing by canceling classes.

Phil Burwell

Junior communications studies major