Team Speed becoming multi-sport dynasty

Team Speed was driving in the fast lane Wednesday night as they improved to 3-0 on the season by beating the Dipsydo Dunkaroos, 79-33.

The win strengthens Speed’s hold on the top overall seed, as they have won by an absurd average margin of 41 points per game. This is familiar territory for Speed, as they were the top-seeded intramural football team, and were able to prove worthy of that seed as they won the championship behind a 10-0 season.

Only time will tell if Team Speed can live up to the expectations and win the basketball tournament, but there is no doubt that doing so would solidify their place in the Kent State Intramural Hall of Fame.

Top performers Wednesday included Neil “the real deal” Luketic, Brett “Wild Thang” Prate, Leo “The Don” Sorice, Andy “Sonic” Pridonic, Ali “Bomaye!” and Dan “boots” Brechbill, all scoring double figures.

Fred Lewis recorded a quadruple-double in steals, assists, rebounds and blocks, and T.J. Riggie had 15 steals.

The Dipsydo Dunkaroos dropped to 1-2.

– T.J. Riggie, Team Speed captain