Portage sheriff’s department to auction foreclosed homes

Deanna Stevens

For the Portage County Sheriff’s Department, the Sheriff’s Sales are not just another lighthearted auction.

Several Mondays a month, Portage County residents must put their foreclosed homes up for sale.

Sheriff Duane Kaley said 90 percent of all sales are houses that banks took over.

“Unfortunately, either the banks or loan contractor has to bring some sort of action against the property owner,” Kaley said.

The Civil Division of the department will hold its first sale of the month at noon today at the Portage County Courthouse in Ravenna. In the upcoming auction, 36 residences from Portage County will be up for sale.

“It’s sad that we have to do this,” said auctioneer Roxann Boyle. “I used to go out with the appraisers and it is just heartbreaking to see children or an older person losing their home.”

Boyle said residents usually get a few months of delinquency, or not paying bills, before banks take action. The civil department is contacted after the proper paperwork is processed and the foreclosure is granted.

Representatives from the respective banks are usually at the auction, but Kaley said it is open to the public.

The property must be sold for a minimum 2/3 of the appraised value. Winners of the property must pay 10 percent of the cost at the auction, and they have 30 days to pay the rest of the balance.

If the property does not sell for the 2/3 of the appraisal price, then the house goes back on sale. The bidder also must pay a $50 fee to the sheriff.

Boyle said the properties are posted in the paper for five weeks until its scheduled date and usually takes about 15 minutes to get through the bidding.

“It’s very plain and simple,” Boyle said, “until after the sale is over.”

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