Music of Hungarian composer enjoyed by many

Cathy Meng-Robinson, on violin, Dennis Nygren, on clarinet, and Donna Lee, on piano performed three contrasts from The Music of Bela Bartok Saturday night in the Ludwig Recital Hall in the Hugh A. Glauser School of Music. ELIZABETH MYERS | DAILY KENT STAT

Credit: John Proppe

Waves of music flooded the Ludwig Recital Hall Saturday evening as Kent State musicians came together to play and sing the compositions of B‚la Bartok.

The Hugh A. Glauser School of Music and Kent Classic Arts presented a night of the music of Bartok. Fingers glided quickly over keys, bows over strings and sticks over drums to the energetic music.

“This concert was my idea,” said Ann Waters, coordinator of Kent Classic Arts. “I think it’s terribly important that this music is heard.”

Waters said Bartok was a 20th century composer from Hungary. He was made famous for his folk music and rhythms. Bartok uses a different combination of instruments such as pianos and percussion together.

Nicole Dister, first-year music education student and member of the Kent Women’s Chorus, was chosen to be in the program by chorus conductor Kerry Glann.

“It was a great experience,” Dister said. “This kind of music is hardly performed, and other music (like Beethoven) is so clich‚. (Bartok) gives more of an array of difference.”

Professor of flute, Diane Fiocca, has been with the university for 16 years. She was featured in a flute-piano duet with Jerry Wong, assistant professor of piano.

“Bartok’s music is challenging,” Fiocca said. “But it allows room for personal expression and freedom. You can really personalize a song.”

Featured musicians included Jerry Wong, Donna Lee, Diane Fiocca, Dennis Nygren, Ted Rounds, Brian Bennett, Cathy Meng-Robinson and choir conductor Kerry Glann.

Also featured were nine women of the Kent Women’s Chorus. They included Samantha Childress, Jacquelyn Collins, Andrea Courie, Nicole Dister, Lydia LaBarre, Terri Wuefling, Julia Thornton, Maria Ferrara and Grace Harrison.

For more information about Kent Classic Arts, contact Ann Waters at (330) 672-4741.

– Megan Rozsa